Monday, January 27, 2014


Today we remember a life we once knew four years ago, celebrating Josiah's birthday and home-going.

For the unaware - we found out about a week prior to Josiah being born that he would not live after birth. I was seven months pregnant when our 8+ pound third child entered this world, heart still beating, unable to take a breath on his own. We said hello and goodbye within minutes.

Having to give a child back to Jesus has been the most difficult thing I've ever done - hands down. Labor/delivery with the others (yes, even the eleven-pounder), the c-section with Josiah...those were walks in the park compared to letting him go. It's amazing how physical pain can fade, but emotions linger, cropping up from time to time, making for good days and bad days.

We already see God's hand in how this day is being redeemed. Our Josiah shares his birthday with two other close friends' children, and neither one of those friends had due dates very close to today. God knew what he was doing, and that hasn't changed. Just as David did when his child died (yup, it's true...check out 2 Samuel 12), we, too, trust that we will be with Josiah again someday.

For now, we are thankful for those who walked (and continue to walk) this road so closely with us. We are thankful for these three healthy, earthly blessings.

And we remember, continuing on with the new "normal" that we know.

Happy four years in Heaven, little man.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year

Happy New Year!

Yes, a couple of weeks late. With three kiddos (two of whom have the typical winter colds), a dog, frozen winter pipes, a husband, and a job, that's pretty much the "lateness" that I average.

So, how about a little catch up?

Thanksgiving and Christmas were much-needed breaks, spent with family and friends and the busyness that the holiday season has to offer. We intentionally slowed down some, but definitely not enough. We're working on that!

My youngest baby will be turning one in less than a month. My oh my, how quickly the past 11 months went by! I'm sure many others can attest to that as well. The older I get, the faster life comes and goes. I'm working so hard at enjoying every moment (even while pulling the night shift with a crying, stuffy, teething, coughing baby). It doesn't stay this way very long!

This year holds so much change and adjustment, and we're taking it one day at a time. When I think about the dates coming up (my baby walking soon, the four-year anniversary of Josiah's birth/death, my second starting kindergarten, pending work trips, turning 26 31 35, races we are registered for, training to get in, parties to plan, etc., etc., etc.), it can all get so overwhelming. My goal is to enjoy everything and handle the hard things IN.THE.MOMENT. If I stress, it will pass me by quicker than I can blink, and I will gain nothing.

Remind me (and yourself) of that when you see me. We both probably need it. :)

Happy 2014!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Puppy Love

We have a puppy for sale!


A female German Shorthaired Pointer. And she's a cute one, too!

No, no...not the kiddos...the puppy's for sale. Please stay focused.

But they do help with the advertising, don't they?

If you or someone you know is interested in a female GSP, shoot me an email. She will be ready to go toward the beginning of December.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 She's eight years old today.

A beauty inside and out. A smarty-pants with maturity beyond her eight years. She's our only absolute Daddy's Girl.

 (telling me to wait until SHE is ready)

Today, we celebrate our first-born and say goodbye to the booster seat in the car. (Seriously?? How did we get this old??)

We love you, Nae!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's now his turn...

He's off to his first preschool class this morning, so excited, a slightly hesitant look on his face when leaving him at the classroom door. I kept it cool, leaving before he saw me tear up.

His big sister showed him how to get in line to enter the room, nervously moving him to another spot, instructing him on what to say and do. Such a mother...a controlling, bossy-ish type of mother,  ;o), but definitely loving and a bit worried about Caedon.

I know the boy will be fine. He's the social one, excited about preschool because he wants to "meet new friends." And my prayer is exactly that - that he will meet new children and continue to be who he is, letting love shine through!

Monday, August 26, 2013

2nd Grade

And she's off...

New teacher, new adventures, new friends, catching up with old much in store for my Danae today.

Lord, protect my little girl as this school year begins, and help her to reflect You.

And prepare me for the start of my third part-time job: the onslaught of paperwork and "parent homework" that will surely meet me at 4:05pm today and occupy most of the evening.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Goals and Milestones

It's hard to believe that in less than two days, my first-born starts 2nd grade. Then, the day after that, my second-born has his first day of preschool. Seriously, folks, where did this summer go??

When school ended in June, I noticed an uptick of Facebook posts about "surviving" summer with children home, and feeling "crazy" with children in the house, and parents counting down the days until school began again in August. I was on the other end - I had a hard time sending my girl off all day to first grade, trusting in others to care for her without me, and I was grateful to have her home all day again, planning out trips to the library and some mini "field trips" in-between me being at the office and working from home. No, our summer days weren't all "Father Knows Best" Anderson family-ish. We had our fair share of sibling fights, meltdowns, claims of boredom, and irritation. But overall, it was a full, adventurous, purposeful summer, chock-full of swimming, playing, swinging, and growth.

Each of our kiddos accomplished a lot this summer, and the biggest goals for the older two were exciting to see. First, for Caedon - our laid-back (dare I say lazy) boy. ;o) He has a mind of his own and has always done things in his own time. We really wanted him to learn how to swim without arm swimmies/floaties, and we were (somewhat) working on it last summer. So, sometime in June, he announced that he didn't need his swimmies/floaties, proceeded to get in our neighbor's pool without them, and swam his heart out, arm floaty-free! He continually improved since that day and is officially an independent swimmer. :)

Next up: Danae riding a bike. This was a goal from last summer as well, but her fear got in the way and it never happened. She rides long as the training wheels are still attached. After the recommendation of my friend Sarah to create our own Strider bike by removing the pedals and training wheels from her current bike (which is too small for her), Danae practiced balancing on our homemade Strider for most of the summer. Just this week we made a Craigslist find of the right bike size for her (sans training wheels) and picked it up. Wouldn't you know - within five minutes of having the bike at home, the girl hopped on and rode around the driveway and backyard like a pro. Whaaaat?? Goal #2 - checked off the list, just in time.

And Mr. Jude - well, he's a rolling, baby food-eating, babbling, maneuvering himself around the room boy these days. He just proved his "sitting on my own" skills and the beginning of "army crawling" today. Such a doll, such a little love.

Now we will go and enjoy what is, essentially, the last weekend of the summer, and start a new chapter next week!