Thursday, February 23, 2012


Please pardon my almost one-month hiatus from blogging. It's not that I didn't want to be writing...I was simply stepping back and re-assessing priorities. Going through needs vs. wants. Figuring out what's more important, and trying to restore balance in the home and life. Those sorts of things.

The past month was chock full of time spent with the kiddos instead of time spent online. Full of board games, reading TONS of Junie B. Jones books (my daughter is slightly addicted), a trip to Hands on House (thanks to Uncle James and Aunt Christa!), some Playdoh time, movies together, etc. With Curt's and my increase in responsibilities outside of the home, intentionally spending time together has been necessary and very rewarding! Well, minus the few days we spent puking and feeling sick together. I can't see the reward in that one.

So, if I'm writing less, just understand that busyness set in, my family must come first, and something's got to go for a little bit.

For now, I'll leave you with a thought from my 3.5 year old little man:

"Hey, Mom...what's that cool ring you got on your hand?" I explained that Daddy-O gave it to me because he loves me and asked me to marry him, then I asked if he will give a ring to someone someday. "Yeah, I'll give a ring...but I'm not gonna ask them to marry. I don't waaant tooo!"