Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 4th

Four years ago today, just after midnight, my first son was born.

Four years old...

Enjoying his most-requested (and only sometimes made) breakfast: wheat cinnamon rolls

My mind is always baffled by how quickly time goes by. How my baby went from infant to toddler to little boy, seemingly in a flash! I remember Caedon's birth so vividly. Natural, not too long, feeling great afterward...the easiest birth, yet my largest baby (he was just a hair under 10 pounds, 22 inches in length).

Now, my Caed is an all-action, dirt and wrestling-loving boy. He's so sensitive...loving to his mama and big sister...quick to hug and touch...often saying he wants a roommate to snuggle with. Yet, he's full of testosterone and creativity, often playing with dinosaurs and Legos for hours, setting up scenes and holding imaginary conversations. I could just sit and watch him all day!

Tonight, instead of taking him out to eat, Caedon chose "mac n' cheese at home" as his birthday dinner. He is a complete homebody at heart, often wanting to stay home instead of going to a store or someone's home. He's also a lover of fruits and vegetables, preferring both over his main meal. His birthday cake request? "I want a cake with apple slices in it." Needless to say, there's a part-wheat Jewish Apple Cake in my oven right now. :o)

Oh, how we love our Caedon and wouldn't trade or wish to change him for anything. Today, we celebrate him!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Costa Rica, Numero Uno

One week ago, Curt, myself, our friend/fellow Messiah grad/youth pastor Brandon, and nine senior high youth groupers hopped on a plane to Costa Rica. Our mission: meet up with Andy and Tina Gordley (missionaries from our church, living in Costa Rica), build bunk beds for a local children's home, work on much-needed renovations and small projects at the Gordley's home and another missionary family's home, interact with children at a local soccer ministry, check out a beach, and be exposed to the culture and lifestyle of Costa Ricans in general. Little did we know that many of us would fall in love with the people we met and learn many lessons (both big and small) along the way.

It's difficult to sum up this trip in just a few words. It would take me an entire day to provide details, explain what we did, describe the people we interacted with...it was quite an exceptional week. One that I would do again in a heartbeat.

I'll be writing blog posts in the coming days and weeks, providing stories, details, and pictures. For now, enjoy the following:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer, heat, distractions...and sleep

Another hiatus from blogging. My apologies!

While I have the best of intentions to maintain writing and keep this place up-to-date, sometimes other things take priority.

Things like:

Little get-aways with my hubby and kiddos (the beach, the aquarium, and hopefully more to come!)
Maintaining children/a home/a job while attempting to keep down the food I just put in my body
Trying to stay cool in this heatwave (and not lose mine while doing so)
Enjoying as much family time as possible before my little girl becomes an all-day first grader (sigh)
Some more sleep

You know, those sort of things.

Yes, sleep/napping has turned into somewhat of a priority. Lately I don't seem to function correctly without a little daily snooze, plus a good night's sleep.

Oh, and food...for most of June, crackers, bread, and water were my best friends. We saw a lot of each other (pretty much every hour). If I didn't have them, I turned into a nauseous maniac.

No worries, though, my friends. I will survive this. It's all part of the first 12 weeks of growing someone who is - 


As the nausea lessens, my waist expands, and baby #4 grows within, I'll update as I can. For now, we pray for health and are excited to meet our next blessing, coming in January 2013!