Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st grade and more...

So many "firsts" this week...

Monday: The first day of 1st grade for my first-born. And the first time she is in school *sigh* I miss that kid.

Today: The first time Danae is buying lunch at school. She gets to pick a day each week and was SO excited to be a big kid and buy it today.

Tomorrow: We pick up our first minivan. Hello, world of minivan drivers! We tried to avoid it, but there's no way to slam three car seats across the back of our beloved Outback. So, we said goodbye to her and meet our new/used ride tomorrow afternoon.

Throughout the week: feeling light punches and kicks from the child within for the first time. Love this feeling. :)

Hope you are enjoying your last week of August! One more beach day for us, and then I say bring on the Fall!