Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today my first-born son turned five. Talk about feeling old(ish)!

He told me this morning that he still felt like he was four. Please, my boy, stay that way!

I often tell Caedon to stop growing up and getting bigger and older. He lovingly responds with "I can't, Mom...that's the way God made us!" Oh, my heart. When did he stop calling me Mama or Mommy??

Caedon continues to be a fun-loving, physical, wrestle around, loud-talking, imaginative, curious, and friendly little boy. He makes friends with other children no matter where we go, often asking for playdates and inviting others over (sometimes we know about it, other times we don't). :o)

Pre-school is waiting for him in four short weeks. I'm sure I'll cry when I drop him off that morning...more growth, more change.

For today, we celebrate five years with our Caedon! We love you deeply!