Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cutting back

I did it. Took the plunge. Put on my big girl pants (well...actually, these days most of my pants are big girl pants, given my size) and let go.

I quit my job this week. (Well, one of my jobs, at least.)

Yup...I gave my five-week's notice to my employer of almost two years. After much prayer, husband discussions, and thought, we came to the realization that caring for a newborn and two kiddos, plus maintaining a lacrosse club from home, staying on the school board and with the youth group, and then working part-time outside of the home would equal PURE.INSANITY. Every mom knows how much time it takes to feed a newborn, and then to keep two other littles alive and happy...well, the time percentages just weren't working out.

And even though I have this crazy thing with staying busy and being Wonder Woman, I'm really okay with letting this job go. While I enjoy the work I do, I'm realizing that this is just the chapter in life that I'm in. And I'm embracing it.

On to a baby update:

I'm now 29.5 weeks along, looking like I'm 33+ weeks. No, for midwife and the specialist are all confirming that the bambino within is a big one, charting in the 99th percentile and weighing over 4 lbs already. Surpriiise, surpriiise, right? He/She is tracking to be on the bigger side, trying to keep up with his/her siblings (our babies were all bigger, thanks to my husband). ;o) Also, while this child is hydrops-free and not showing any of the issues our last baby experienced, he/she is "throwing us some curve balls", as the specialist says. There are two minor issues that the specialist spotted a few weeks ago, and thankfully neither one of those have worsened. They are expected to diminish and clear up, but we are being watched as a precaution.

So, that's the skinny (ha...skinny...not quite how I'm feeling these days, but regardless...). Life is good, and everyone is doing well and looking forward to the holidays, followed by this child's arrival. It's an exciting time!