Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Losing Teeth and The Tooth (Mommy) Fairy

Another milestone reached in our home...

Where could that have come from??

Ahh, I see...

Her first lost tooth, which came out on the first day of Spring. (Yes, I'm completely aware that was last week. Can you tell I'm a little behind these days??)

Note her poor little puffy eyes, lashes still wet with tears. Lots of screaming and crying and dramaticness in our house that night. (Not from me...well, maybe a little bit.)

Another change for my baby little girl. Another reminder of growth and letting go and leaving babyhood behind. *sigh* At least she looks as cute as ever! :o)

Danae informed me that she knows there's no such thing as the "Tooth Fairy". That I'm the one who would leave something under her pillow, if anything. That she would not be leaving her tooth for me to take. No.Thank.You.

She also wrote a lovely note, just in case I can't take direct verbal orders:

 Ahh, it's true. One of my offspring is turning out as controlling as me. ;o)

Since I'm an obliging Fairy, (and since she did put "please" twice in her note), I did as she wished.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2011 Birthday Photos

Welcome, Spring! :)

Again, another one-month break from blogging. Please pardon the interruption - while I am missing the "down time" to get my thoughts out and just write, things have been quite busy, and I've been trying to make my little ones a priority when I'm home. I'm thinking the 6+ friends who are having babies from this past December through May are making me miss those sweet, quickly-passing baby years and desiring more time with my babes. I continuously tell Danae and Caedon to stop growing up, but they don't seem to be listening! :o)

Speaking of growing up...last year our neighbor/friend photographed Danae (when she turned 6) and Caedon (when he turned 3) for us. (I promised - several months ago - to share the photos...better late than never!)

Sweet smiles...

...crazy boyish ways...

...curiosity at its best...

...and a little personality

Preston is a high school senior who will be going to a terrific photography school in Philly this fall. He photographed my kiddos shortly after each of their birthdays, patiently following them around our two backyards and getting them to actually look at the camera...something that they don't do easily for me!  

If you are interested in giving Preston more experience and work, check out his website (Preston Sean Photography) and contact him!