Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fall Risk

I don't think the bracelet was needed. The head told the story perfectly well.

This is how we started out Memorial Day weekend: an early Friday morning visit to the ER after my little man fell off a curb and hit his head on the ground. Now, I knew a head injury could bleed...but seriously?! That was enough to make me jittery for the rest of the day!

(This is one of the better/not looking as bad pictures...about an hour after the fall)

Thank the Lord, though, a little super glue did the trick, and Caedon was back to his "let's go play dinosaurs and turn everything I touch into a pretend gun" self.

Given my son's gender and his history of accidents and sickness, (dare we forget the severely burned hand incident), I'm pretty sure this wasn't our last ER trip!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busyness...and the arrival of Kindergarten!

Wow...again, apologies for the long absence! It seems like when life gets busy, getting my thoughts down on paper typed on the computer takes a major backseat...probably not healthy for this brain of mine. Let me know if you notice twitching when you see me. ;o)

Every March through May gets this way: working at one job while trying to prepare for the upcoming summer lacrosse program with my other job. (I am fortunate enough to have some side work where I administrate a girls' lacrosse club from home.) Don't get me wrong: I am not complaining in the least! I love being busy and having variety in my work and life, but I realize the importance of reflecting, relaxing, and slowing it down a bit. I'm so thankful that this "crazy busy season" with the lacrosse club (filled with rostering, registering, scheduling, tons of emails each day, several phone calls each day, and LOTS of paperwork) lasts two months and then slows to a trickle!

Besides work, I've been mentally preparing for the arrival of Kindergarten. Yes, it's going to take me a few months to be okay with having a child in school, so I'd better start now! Danae had her Kindergarten screening recently, which went well for her. Me, on the other hand...I teared up most of the morning, trying hard to not let the school principal and other teachers see me make a fool of myself. Seriously, if I reacted like that on the Kindergarten screening day, what will I be like on the first day of school?? Note to self: take that day off of work. I have to admit: accepting that my oldest will be a kindergartener in a few months has been hard for me to swallow. Danae has always been with me, whether it be to a friend's house or to the grocery store, and pretty soon that time spent together will be less. I'm happy that she's SO SO excited about going to school, but I'm going to miss my baby!

And what on earth will I do with this little boy who is already saying that his sister can't go to school because he wants her to stay home and play with him all day long?? My guess: lots and lots of baseball, Matchbox cars, and snuggling. :o)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Cookie (and Lunch) Monster

I think I've told you about my sneaky little soon-to-be three year old boy, right?

You know, the cute one who likes to eat food here and there (usually when it's convenient for him)?

Here's another story about the boy I'm referring to:

On the mornings I go to work, I try so hard to stay organized and focused. The kids have their clothing laid out the night before. Hubby leaves for work at 6:45am, so I then get my lunch ready, maybe file or clean something, then get myself and the kids ready and out the door by 8:00am. I tend to get the kids ready and send them downstairs while I finish up.

This morning went as planned...except that when Danae and I came downstairs, we found this:

There stood our little Eating Machine, polishing off a Ziplock bag of recently made chocolate chip bars. (I think the bag had three or four bars left in it...somewhere around there.)

I just had to laugh and find the camera. After capturing this memory, though, I gathered my lunch bag and purse to head out the door...and realized he had also eaten part of my lunch. Game-changer.

Try using that excuse on your boss as to why you're 5-10 minutes late for work. "Yeah, uh...my son ate my lunch, so I had to scramble and find more food to throw in my bag and clean up the mess of crumbs, chocolate, bread, and Ziplock bags he left on the floor." Has a kind of "The dog ate my homework" type of ring to it, don't you think? :o)

Gotta love that boy! (And his cute big sister, too!)