Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clifford...and other things

We had a fun time at the Clifford event at the library this week. I wasn't sure how Peanut would react, since she sometimes acts shy around large characters. But this time, she fully embraced Clifford's presence to the point where she wanted to stand by him the whole time, have a conversation with him, and not leave. She's too much!
Speaking of too much: Here's what I walked in on yesterday.
Yup, my girl is making sure her doll gets fed, too. (Hey Amanda, recognize the doll???) :o) Doesn't it kill you how much children observe and mimic? Peanut even burped Cinderella before switching her to the other side. She's got the technique downpat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prayer (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Misty went to be with Jesus on Tuesday night. Please continue to keep Darren, their little girl Olivia, and their families in your prayers.
We just received this link today from a fellow Messiah grad, and your prayers are needed for this family.

The Leblanc Family

Darren and Misty both graduated from Messiah when Hubby and I did, and even though we do not know them personally, I just can't imagine having to go through what they are experiencing now. Misty has Stage IV brain cancer and was sent home in July, expected to die within a week or two. She's still alive, but the doctors are not sure for how much longer.

Please pray for this couple, as well as their beautiful little girl. As a spouse and as a parent, my heart hurts deeply for them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it Monday already?!

It's Monday...time to think about the week ahead:
* Doctor's appointment for me for a yucky toenail...I seriously hope he just removes the whole stinkin' thing so I can move on with my life. Really God, what's the purpose of toenails anyway??? I'm not a huge fan of them. Well, maybe if they are looking cute after a nice pedicure.

* Storytime at the library on Tuesday morning, then Clifford at the library Tuesday evening. Yup, it'll be a fun-filled, exciting evening, especially for my husband who is oh-so looking forward to meeting the Big Red Dog in person. :o) Oh, what a Daddy will do for his daughter.

* The Office season premiere is this Thursday at 9pm...woohoo! It's been a long summer without good laughs from our favorite show!

* Both of my kiddos have colds that seem to be lingering, so it will be a week of medicine for the older one and nose drops and aspirator use for the younger one. Ugh. This cold thing makes it especially difficult for the baby to sleep because he can't breathe, and it makes my two-going-on-fifteen-year-old whiny and especially clingy. You can imagine how daytime naps are going (or not going, rather). Ding, time's up! I hear crying from one and the inability to breathe from the other, so I'm off.

Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some random thoughts:


...I ran a mile for the first time in a LONG time, and even though my lungs and knees hurt and the flab was a-flabbing, I was happy I didn't stop. (Not to mention I had two kiddos in a running stroller with me...yikes.)

...Grandma died two years ago. It really feels like yesterday when I think about her being here. daughter said to me, "Mama, I like your chubby legs." Hmmm...was that a blow to the 'ol self-esteem, or was that a two year old simply giving me a compliment? son and I are still dealing with thrush. Grrr.

...I enjoy using cloth diapers on my boy. Thanks, small group ladies, for opening the door to this new world of thought. Less trash to haul out on Wednesday nights, less diapers sitting in a landfill for seven years, and saving money in the end: sounds good to me!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Here's what happens when you change a diaper and turn around for 30 seconds: Rock Star Caedon, presented by Big Sister Danae.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Hubby and I packed up the kiddos (after he participated in a Friday morning golf outing to benefit House of His Creation) and headed out to NJ to visit with my parents and other family members whom we have not seen in a while. It was so nice to see everyone, and we got to meet little Amanda Iris, (the baby girl of my cousin Anita), who was born two days after my boy. She is a little doll!
We were also blessed to be able to take a Sunday visit to the beach....YES!!! :o) Even though it was kind of humid, we (Hubby, the kiddos, my mom, and myself) thoroughly enjoyed watching Danae play in the sand and water, playing in the sand and water ourselves, and catching some rays. Of course, I didn't anticipate having time to go to my favorite relaxation place, so I didn't pack any of our swimsuits. Nonetheless, Danae still had a great time in her underwear. Yeah, I know...don't judge me. There weren't many people around, and she's a little kid who wanted to play. At least I didn't strip down to my underwear (even though I was considering it). :o)

Now we are home, back to the daily grind. The only change is that Caedon and I are dealing with thrush, so please pray that this clears up quickly! Have a happy week!

Friday, September 12, 2008

All Aboard!

Over the summer, our local library had a reading program where the children could get prizes if they had their parents read 30 books to them. With all of the reading we do in our house, that was easily accomplished, and one of the prizes that Danae received was a ticket for the Strasburg Railroad.

Since Hubby didn't have a strong desire to go, (and since the price for an adult ticket is not the cheapest), I decided to take the kiddos myself. Yeah, am I crazy?! A two year old, a 6 week old, and me, clamoring onto a train with snacks, purse, and diaper bag in-tow, making sure my toddler stayed with me and that my infant's head didn't fall off as I carried him to the train. Let me just say that I felt really accomplished after this outing! :o)

We weren't sure how Danae would react to her surprise trip, but "excited" doesn't even cut it! As we approached the railroad and I told her what we were doing, she cheered, clapped, and talked non-stop. We had such a great time on our 45-minute ride, and I think she enjoyed every minute of it. I thought it was neat, too, and Caedon...well, he missed about 75% of the ride because he was doing his favorite activity: eating. :o) Here are some pics from our outing:

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Month

I can't believe that my little man is one month old already. He has already changed so much...I don't want him to grow up! :)

He had his one month check-up yesterday morning and weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds, 3 ounces. Yeah, there's no concern about this boy's weight or health. He's eating, pooping, sleeping, and growing well! So for now, I'll leave you with the image of a happy boy who just finished a marathon nursing session. Gotta love those dimples!

Monday, September 1, 2008

We're back!

I hope you had a terrific Labor Day weekend! We spent some time at Hubby's parent's cabin in Tioga County and had fun just relaxing, fishing, taking walks, etc.

Hope you have a happy week!