Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it Monday already?!

It's Monday...time to think about the week ahead:
* Doctor's appointment for me for a yucky toenail...I seriously hope he just removes the whole stinkin' thing so I can move on with my life. Really God, what's the purpose of toenails anyway??? I'm not a huge fan of them. Well, maybe if they are looking cute after a nice pedicure.

* Storytime at the library on Tuesday morning, then Clifford at the library Tuesday evening. Yup, it'll be a fun-filled, exciting evening, especially for my husband who is oh-so looking forward to meeting the Big Red Dog in person. :o) Oh, what a Daddy will do for his daughter.

* The Office season premiere is this Thursday at 9pm...woohoo! It's been a long summer without good laughs from our favorite show!

* Both of my kiddos have colds that seem to be lingering, so it will be a week of medicine for the older one and nose drops and aspirator use for the younger one. Ugh. This cold thing makes it especially difficult for the baby to sleep because he can't breathe, and it makes my two-going-on-fifteen-year-old whiny and especially clingy. You can imagine how daytime naps are going (or not going, rather). Ding, time's up! I hear crying from one and the inability to breathe from the other, so I'm off.

Have a happy Monday!


Kara Stoltzfus said...

hey girl. i think of you often & enjoy checking the blog for updates. looks like things are going relatively well and you're adjusting nicely, to mothering two!
hope to see you soon. perhaps at aimee's soon.

mom said...

Hang in there, This too shall pass. You are doing awonderful job with the precious gifts God has given you. Say, I can do all, for Jesus gives me strength for the day.
I am so sorry about your friends and will be praying.

CJC said...

hey beth,
not sure if you got my last comment.
i found you on darren's site and was glad to be re-connected.
you have a beautiful family!
i'd love to get back in touch...take care, carolyn johnsen clayton