Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Triangle

I'll make this the last post for today, I promise!

I just couldn't resist putting this on here. I saw this on Sesame Street a few months ago and again this week, and we just think it's a great parody. Enjoy James Blunt's "My Triangle", sung to the tune of his song "Beautiful". You'll find yourself singing the words throughout the day. :o) (Click the "play" arrow in the middle.)


prettyinpink said...

oh my! that is great!

Cariluz & Ike said...

Ha ha...I read your post and then Sesame Street came on over here. I forgot that with the time difference, it hadn't aired here yet! It was too funny...Ike and I got a kick out of it!

Sara said...

I absolutely was singing this all day! I kept thinking "why is this song in my head? Ah yes, it was on this morning." I got a real kick out if it when he started singing.