Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two weeks to go...or maybe less!

I had my weekly prenatal visit yesterday, and while I was secretly hoping that the midwife would tell me I was, let's say, 5 centimeters dilated, I really didn't have my hopes up. I was happy that I'm about 50% effaced and around 1.5 centimeters dilated, so at least this butterball is working on coming out! :o)

Usually I'm not a huge proponent of babies coming too early, but there are a number of factors to consider. 1) My "due date" is two weeks from today, so I'm out of the "pre-term labor" zone. I wouldn't consider this "too early" anymore. 2) He's bigger than average right now, and there wouldn't be any worries about lung development or anything like that. 3) It's hot outside, and most days I feel like a big, sweaty beast that would like to shed several pounds and feel better. 4) I just submitted my last two grants that are due this month, and now I don't have any deadlines to meet until September 1 (thank God for that one!). So now I'll have a bit more time to feed my hunger to clean everything in site even more. :o)

I think we are all pretty much ready for this boy to be born. My Peanut has started asking when he's coming, and she demonstrates how she'll hold him, burp him, teach him things (such as hopping on one foot), and play with him. We're thinking she's going to be a great big sister, and we're excited to see her reaction when they meet. The only thing is that she told my friend Sarah and I that she was going to feed her brother the same way Sarah feeds her baby daughter (nursing). Hmm...not sure how to explain that one to a two year old, but we'll get around it somehow. :o)

So, as we await this life-changing occasion, we'd LOVE your prayers for a great labor (a.k.a. a really easy & short one), adaptability within our family, no postpartum "blues", and a speedy recovery. Oh, and thanks so much to those of you who sent in name suggestions! While we haven't yet decided on one name, we are narrowing it down and are almost there! :o)


prettyinpink said...

Even though I would love for you to deliver on 8/4, I do understand that you want this baby out! So, I am praying for the easy/speedy delivery, and soon. I miss you, and am so excited for your family.

Cariluz & Ike said...

I feel so bad for you - I was pregnant about the same time as you with Isabella, and I remember just feeling so unbearably big and hot all the time. Hang in there, your beautiful boy will be out soon and I know Danae is going to be an outstanding big sister! You are in our prayers!

mom said...

Hey girl, I am home! and in a couple of days will be ready to take the turnpike to your home!!!
I will stand by my prediction-7/18-08
I have been praying for a speedy delivery, God is faithful.
Names suggections? stick to the D's?
Devin, David John, Daniel Curt,