Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Marathon

As stated in my previous post, I did park myself in front of the television on Saturday evening to catch some of the women's marathon in Beijing. I was having a great time, watching it with Hubby and our friends Bobbi & Steve, cheering on my girl, Deena Kastor, checking in once in a while to see how things were going. Then, it happened. About 3 miles into the race, there's Deena, on the side of the course, holding her foot. No, no, no...ugggghhhh! So, yes...she dropped out of the race, and that ended my enjoyment of the women's marathon. Now, I'm looking forward to watching the men's marathon this coming Saturday evening. My sights are set on Ryan Hall winning this thing, and I'll also cheer on Brian Sell and Dathan Ritzenhein. Go USA!

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