Friday, January 9, 2009

Tag Team

Sometimes I think that my children covertly communicate with each other and are trying to take me down. This has been one of those weeks where I'm absolutely certain of it. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Sunday: Baby's nose starts the "stuffed up for a month" routine, which means lots of crying, eye boogies, nose suctioning (cringe), Tylenol, and inability to breathe. Days are kind of rough; but even though he sounds like a lung cancer patient, he still sleeps wonderfully through the night. Peanut, on the other hand, continues to take the night shift of "Wake Up Mama", something she has done on and off pretty much since birth.

2) Sunday night: Peanut woke me up at 1:00am, 2:15am, and 3:30am, each time just crying, probably from something in her dreams. Baby woke at 5:30am to nurse and refused to go back to sleep. Thus began the week of little to no sleep.

3) My children are usually great at taking a long afternoon nap at the same time. I'm talking an awesome, 3-hour stint of time for me to get grant work and lacrosse work done. (Can I get an Amen?!) That's something I started when Baby's naps started becoming more regular, and it has worked out great! Ha...Apparently the joke was on me this week. Yup, the kids would fall asleep at the same time. But Peanut took FOREVER to fall asleep and then took short naps (1-2 hours). By the time I got her asleep and then sat down in front of the computer, Baby would wake up crying. Any attempt to get him to go back to sleep was useless, and after nursing for about half an hour, Baby would tag his sister and she'd jump in the ring. That marked the end of naptime.

By Wednesday morning, I was feeling completely wiped out. I found myself craving a cup of coffee and a donut. (They go WONDERFULLY together, don't you think?) Since I'm on a quest to feed my family better and I don't usually keep donuts in the house, I knew my one request wasn't going to be fulfilled, and I probably shouldn't pack up the kids at 7:30am and go to New Holland Coffee Company when it's 20 degrees. (Wouldn't it be AWESOME if they delivered?) :o)However, I did remember something I had bought early last month and put in the basement freezer. Sweet Jesus, thank you! That cinnamon bun from Shady Maple was still there! That made the week a whole lot better. :o)

Seriously, though, even though it was somewhat of a tough week, I really tried to keep my cool with the kids. My friend Janelle's recent post was a huge reminder to me to savor every minute I have with my Peanut and my Baby, because when they're 18 I'll be wondering where the time went and will want to wish these days (the good and the bad) back. I want to enjoy it all and live this chapter of life fully...crying, no sleep, mucus, and all!

Have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

YES, its just for the season (But you wish the season was shorter) right?
I am looking forward to going over and try to be of a little help!!!!!!!

Pretty in Pink said...

Sorry you are having a tough week. When you are sleep deprived, everything seems worse. Hang in there!

Titi Debi said...

Yup, look at your nieces and see how fast they ALL grow. Sadly, I cannot remember much detail of the younger years, but I do know that it feels like it all happened yesterday. You can come here anytime you need a break!! Love you!!

Cariluz and Ike said...

Oh, girl, sleep deprivation is the absolute worst...especially when the kids are sick! I think it is its own form of torture at times, LOL. Hang in there....and if you like, I can always smuggle you into my suitcase when I go back to Hawaii on Monday!

Julie J said...

I love the sweet and coffee craving! :-) You sound like me! (only I look 5 times bigger because of it!!!) I am sure i will be able to relate in a few short months!