Monday, June 22, 2009


We made it!

We are home after a successful and quick ear tube surgery, and my Tank baby is now napping for probably much of the day. Thanks for your prayers for a quick and relatively snag-free morning.

After calling us back into the pre-op area, the first thing they did was weigh him. He tipped the scales at over 23 pounds. No wonder my back is killing me this week!

We then had to put Caedon in a yellow hospital know, the one that opens in the back. I found it kind of funny, 1) because he's a baby and 2) because he was in the O.R. for all of 10 minutes.

The post-surgery, "coming out of anesthesia" part wasn't too much fun. Lots of crying, lethargic eyes, not holding his head up...he was pretty much a limp noodle in my arms. But after a few minutes you could see his eyes staying open longer, less crying, and more sitting up. We were home about an hour or so after surgery, and Caedon has been acting completely normal ever since. Ta-Dah! :)

And I did my best to keep the tears at bay. The most difficult part was when they took him from me to do the surgery, but I just misted river here! I think I would have bawled, though, if Caedon had started crying or reaching for us. Thank God he spared me from that!

Now, on to tackle a busy, work-filled week! Enjoy yours!


Aimee said...

Your story of the surgery reminded me of when Avery had her eye surgery. It is not fun seeing your baby go into the operating room, even if it is just a minor surgery! It's still major to us moms!

I'm so happy to hear that it all went well!! Hopefully he will recover quickly and will sleep well for you tonight.

(By the way, I'm dying to see your house! We've got to get together sometime!)

Cariluz and Ike said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well for Caedon (and you guys, too!)