Monday, January 24, 2011

Monthly Game Review - Hasbro's Ratuki

From day one, my husband and I loved to play board games. I don't know if it's the competition or just the time spent together, but even now I get excited when we plan to play a board game after the kiddos are in bed. Our favorites over the years included Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Blokus...

And as the kids arrived we have tried to instill the love of game-playing in them. Lately we enjoy Memory (one of my favorites as a child!) and Operation (but with missing pieces...I'm preeetty sure our youngest ate them) with our five year old, and The Fishing Game with our two year old. Oh, the joy of kicking back, letting the To-Do list go, and just playing!

The Hasbro company encourages just that with their Family Game Nights - time set aside for you and your family to play together, learn, laugh, and love.

The wonderful people at Hasbro sent me one of their newest card games to review - Ratuki - which also happens to be the game of the month for January. Here is a little description sent by Hasbro:

"With Ratuki, families will enjoy card-slamming fun as they race to complete runs of five with numbered cards represented by Roman numerals, numbers and dice. Players will feel a rush of excitement as they try to be the first to slam down their cards and collect the most cards in the group."

We have yet to play this game with a group, but Hubby and I have played Ratuki numerous times in the past month and continue to love it! It's very easy to learn, doesn't have a lot of rules, and is a fast-paced game (one that I tend to win...but don't let Hubby know that I told you). ;o) Check it out for yourself by clicking here!

While you're at it, plan your own Family Game Night during these cold winter months. I think it helps bring the warmer weather back much quicker! ;o)

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MarkeyCo said...

Please tell us how you get companies to send you stuff to review. Christa is interested. Love you!