Monday, April 18, 2011

Potty-training Corner-turning

Newsflash to all bloggy readers out there: We may have turned a corner in the little man's potty training!


Sometime last week, while I was changing Caedon's diaper (pooped, by the way), we had a little conversation that went like this:

Caedon: Mommy, are you using baby wipes on me?
Me: Why, yes, I am!
Caedon: But I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy.
Me: The first step is admitting it, man.

Maybe it was my biting sarcasm. Or that Caedon suddenly has a desire to enjoy life as a "big boy". Or maybe it was God whispering in his ear, "Hey man...get your act together, ditch the diapers, and listen to your mama and daddy."

Any which way it was, I believe we are making some progress! He has been wearing his Spiderman underwear (courtesy of Nana and Papa) :) for a few days in a row. And while Spiderman's face does experience a flood of pee from time to time, the little man is definitely keeping those undies dry for a good part of the day. We just needed to convince him to take play breaks and get to the toilet in time. Yes, it was more so that WE were the ones trained to take him to the potty, not vice versa. For some reason, playing with Matchbox cars and dinosaurs and teasing his big sister and crashing into things is waaay more important than aiming for the potty at this age. don't say! ;o)

But today...well, today was the real kicker! My little boy stayed dry ALL.DAY.LONG. In underwear. At our babysitter/friend/neighbor's house! And (get this!) he was the one who said he needed to use the potty, instead of being told every hour that he needs to make the trip to the porcelain throne!

We've definitely turned some sort of corner!

And while I am excited that my Caedon is becoming a little boy and I think he's stinkin' cute in little boy undies, there's a part of me that feels a little sad to hit this milestone with my last baby. I'll be grateful for a reduced Wal-Mart bill, (well, it will be until he hits puberty and starts eating like an animal), but it's hard realizing that these years go by so fast and you don't get them back. The saying that "time flies" totally rings true in those first few years with your kiddos!

Anywho, I'll be sure to share more tales from Caedon's potty-training adventures in the coming weeks!

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Cousin Ruth said...

What progress he has made! Way to go little buddy! So proud of you (and your Mama).