Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten - A Poem

T’was the morning of Kindergarten, and all through the house

My dear daughter chatted excitedly, like a little mouse.

Her backpack prepared and zipped up with care,

In hopes that the school bus would soon be there.

Danae settled for breakfast, and while trying to eat,

Had visions of the playground and wondered, “Who will I meet?”

Her dad long gone to work and I, reliving the past,

Could not wrap my brain around how this happened so fast.

We always talked about school, how Kindergarten would be here,

How the bus would arrive and my girl would have no fear.

She’s as smart as they come and we always knew she’d excel;

Really, the hardest part is hugging her and saying “Farewell.”

It’s letting go of a piece of you, bidding babyhood adieu,

Trusting God to keep her safe and trying something new.

It’s praying for good friends and for Danae to be one, too,

Hoping she’ll remember that showing love is what we do.

So as we let go of the last bits of summer and send my little girl off to school,

I’m praying I remember my sunglasses and don’t look like a sobbing fool.

If I’m a mess then she will be, so I know I need to stay calm.

My goodness, if it’s like this for Kindergarten, what will I do for her Senior Prom?!

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Kara Stoltzfus said...

Saying a prayer for you! I can't believe it! Seems like yesterday she was born! May god shower you with grace for this new season of life!