Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Update

So, based on my lack of posts, I'm sure you can tell that life's been busy. With school and activities in full-swing, it never seems to be boring in our household.

We took our final beach trip over Labor Day weekend...something we did the past couple of years. I say beach trip as if it's a big deal...but growing up on the beaches of NJ and having my parents who still live there is definitely a plus! And while it wasn't crazy-windy like last year, the waves were a bit overwhelming at times (I won't rehash the story...let's just say that my sister-in-law and I will probably never, ever again swim and hold children at the same time. I had nightmares for a week, Christa!)

Danae is doing rather well in first grade. Let me just tell you, though - between the packing lunches every morning, remembering which cycle day we're on, figuring out the weather and outfits, scheduling meetings, homework, projects, dealing with the emotional breakdowns (both hers and mine)...I swear, having a child in school is like adding a part-time job to the Mama's workload! Thankfully I love, love, love planning and calendarizing (do you like that word?), so it just takes a few weeks for everything to fall into place. Danae is seriously such a smart little cookie...and just like last year, we are needing to ask her teacher to challenge her a bit more. She does love school, but complaints of "I'm bored" are trickling in, so we'll need to get that remedied.

Caedon is...well, Caedon. Still all-boy, with snuggles and love in-between. Recently, while out dove hunting with his father and almost in tears, my son informed his Daddy-O that he doesn't want to grow up and move away from us. EVER. While I love this boy's snuggles and affection, deep down I'm wondering if he will still be with us when he's thirty.

Life for us, the parents, marches on, with church youth group starting (Sunday nights are a BLAST!), small group, school/school board meetings back in full-bloom, elder meetings, school functions to be at, work remaining busy, etc. We are getting a few house projects done and planning some small ones for the fall, and I'm looking forward to the ever-dropping temps! Never thought I'd say that, being a lover of the warm weather, but I seriously felt like an oven this summer.

And me...well, I'm just large, and getting larger by the day. That seems to be the word I use when people ask how I'm doing and they can't see me - "I'm large. We are having either another big boy or a chubby girl. How's it going out there?"

Here I am, two days shy of being 5 months along:

 (About 90% of my wardrobe is courtesy of friend Sarah and sister-in-law Shila. No, seriously...)

The bambino is healthy and growing steadily, measuring about two weeks bigger then he/she should right now. I'm being told by our nice friends and family that I'm "all belly", sticking straight out the front, looking good. However, when I asked my honest and realistic almost-seven-year-old daughter if I looked pregnant from the back, she informed me that my butt is big, and that it's because I'm pregnant. Eh...the poor kid doesn't know she's been blessed with the Puerto Rican behind as well, so she'll have it someday, too.

More updates to come!

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Mariellen said...

Ha! Beth, are you Puerto Rican? You look fantastic!!