Wednesday, January 9, 2013

37 weeks. Game on.

With a little less than three weeks to go until the Due Date, I finally feel (somewhat) like I'm in the home stretch. Despite my feeling that I'd never get here, December flew right on by (hence, the lack of posts!).

Here - I'll provide you with some entertainment. Me, eight months pregnant, taken at the end of December:

Yes, eight months, not 9+. I excited many a stranger at Christmastime, who wrongly assumed I'd have a Christmas baby. Even today, I was asked how much longer I had to go. My response: a little less than three weeks. Her response? A disappointed "oh...I thought maybe you'd say a couple of days." I'm carrying a rather heavy turkey, who probably weighs in at 8+ pounds this week. So, since 37 weeks is considered full-term, I say bring it, child! The bassinet is in place (thanks, Janelle!), gender neutral clothing is washed, and we're close (somewhat) to finalizing names ( can pray about that one). Soon to be go time!


Aimee said...

Was just thinking today how exciting it will be to have another little Ulrich around! Can't wait and I'm sure you can't either!! :) Take care of yourself!

Mariellen said...

Love it!!! I was admiring you and Curt in church last week-tenderly rocking your two babes to the music. You are ready!!!!!!!