Thursday, December 6, 2007


We had our first real, sticking-to-the-ground snowfall yesterday, so Danae and I decided to try out her snowsuit (a hand-me-down from cousin Maddie) and play outside this morning. I really thought it would be a little big, but the girl's bigger than I thought! The suit just fits!

This pic reminds me of the boy from "A Christmas Story" who can barely move in his snowsuit. Danae got stuck in this position and couldn't get herself up. Too cute!

Oh, yum...tasting the snow. (Don't worry, mom...I checked first to make sure it wasn't yellow.)


meagan is beast yo said...

That's awesome.
The second picture was FUNNY!
Ohh and I'm listening to the Scattered Laughter CD right now.
It's REALLY good.

Christa said...

itAwww!! I love it!! By the way, thanks for Danae's two year old picture. She is too cute!

Kara Stoltzfus said...

so adorable. looks like a fun time playing in the snow. enjoy every moment!

Stephanie said...

So cute in her snowsuit! Looks like she had a ball...