Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hi there! So sorry for being neglectful of my blog for an entire week! "Busyness" overtook me once again, and I'm now climbing out of the pit of procrastination. Yes me, the non-lazy, continuously on-the-go, high-energy girl has gotten a bit lazy and slacked a bit. But I'm back! :o)

I'll give you a quick update and then write a better quality post later this week. So, Danae has had this scaly rash on her body for about a month, and our suspicion of eczema was confirmed today. Now we have to turn Danae into a greased pig two times a day for the next two weeks, using a prescription combo of Hydrocortisone and Eucerin. I already rub her down with a thick cream every time I bathe her, and we use as little Aveeno soap as possible. As long as the prescription cream helps, I think we can put up with a slick kid for two weeks. :o)

On another note: no, there is no deer here in our household. Hunting did not yield a dead animal as of yet, but Curt still has this Saturday, so we'll see what happens! Will I have a dead deer head on my wall in a year? God only knows...and I pray He has my best interest in the outcome! :o)

That's all for now from here! I hope you are having a wonderful week, and enjoy today!

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Carmen Colon-Alemany said...

Love the blog, Beth...I might have to try my hand at it one day! Anyway, sorry to hear about Danea's exzema. Both of the boys had it when they were about her age and I hated having to do the whole greasing up thing too. Hope it gets better...I still keep the house stocked with Shea Butter to ward it off! TTYL....Cariluz