Friday, February 1, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover

Well, maybe not that extreme, but it's still an improvement! :o)

My parents asked Hubby to do some work on their house this weekend, so we are here in NJ, both of us doing over respective work, while Danae runs around Nana and Papa's house.

Project #1: The laundry room. This room still has old, red, chipping tile on the floor that I remember from when I was really little. The paint on the walls is starting to chip, and the entire room just needed a bit of a facelift.


Now the room just looks a bit bigger and brighter!

Project #2: The Storage Room

A few months ago, my sister, Hubby, and I cleaned out this room and got rid of the years of rat-packing and hording in there. (We found middle and high school homework and books in there from when we were kids! Woah!) Now, Hubby is patching up parts of the walls, sanding, painting, and re-arranging a few things.



The walls and ceiling look sooo much better, despite the fact that we couldn't do much about the "stuff" in the room. I really love being married to a handy-man! :o)

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