Sunday, October 5, 2008


This afternoon we went to the movies (kid-free...can you believe it?!) with our small group to see Fireproof. We will be starting the curriculum this week and saw the movie to start it off. All I can say is that if you are married and this movie is in a theater near you, GO AND SEE IT! It starts Kirk Cameron (remember Mike Seaver from Growing Pains???) and others from a church in Georgia. Even though most of the cast are not professional actors/actresses, they still did a great job, and the entire point of the movie got across.


I'm excited to start the curriculum! Let me know if you go see the movie!

Hope your weekend was great!

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AMANDA said...

Adam and I went to see it on Saturday afternoon. We loved it. (It's by the same church who did Facing the Giants.)You're right, it's certianly a must see for all married (or engaged!) couples.