Monday, February 16, 2009


What a week! Besides being crazy-busy, the house is now on the market, and I'm gearing up for 3 (THREE) showings today alone! AAAGGGHHH! Thank the Lord that we completely overhauled the house on Saturday (yup, a nice Valentine's Day nap or relaxation for me!). ;o)

And thank God, too, that I have my little Peanut to keep cracking me up. I tell ya, if she weren't so darn funny and cute, I'd be even more stressed than I am now! Yeah, she can be a handful at times, but she's also my little helper. :o) I hope you enjoy her sayings as much as I have.

We were in Target, looking for a new nursing bra for me.
Me: Danae, where are you?
Danae (calling from an aisle or two over): Over here! I'm just looking for new boobies for you, Mommy!
Danae (approaching and talking VERY loudly): Look, Mommy! Look at the new boobies that I found for you! (She was holding 3 or 4 very teenage-looking bras in various shades of bright pink and blue.)
Me (probably a shade of bright red by now): Wow! What colors! Listen, you need to whisper, ok? Now, put those back for me.

Hubby and I were standing in the kitchen, talking. In walks Danae...
Danae (with hands up by her ears, pointer fingers pointing straight up): Look, Daddy! I'm a deer! Now shoot me!
Me (with Daddy cracking up too hard to answer): Ok, uhhh...let's just pretend you were shot.
Danae (now laying on the floor): Ok, I'm dead. Now cut me open.
(Apparently the girl knows a bit too much about deer hunting.) :o)


MarkeyCo said...

The deer one was perfect.

Cariluz and Ike said...

What a smart (and funny) girl! it's amazing how perceptive kids are, isn't it? Oh, and I hope the house showings go well!

Pretty in Pink said...

Oh she is so funny. I am tearing as I am laughing now. What a smartie.

AMANDA said...

Yeah!! I love Danae-isms!!!

The lady of the house... said...

oh, that is stinkin' HILARIOUS!!!! i love that new boobie one! don't we wish!? if only it were that easy....and cheap! see you tomorrow! fun times!