Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going to the dentist with #1

Today was another "first" in our house: Danae's first trip to the dentist.

Oh, boy.

I've been meaning for months to make the phone call, set the appointment, and get this done. But, alas, just like everything else, it got pushed aside and forgotten. UNTIL...

A few days ago I was doing the nightly follow-up brushing (you know...the one where you check their mouths and actually do the brushing after your kids ate the toothpaste off the brush and thought they brushed really well), when I saw a small something in Danae's mouth. Thinking it was food, I brushed harder. I flossed. I brushed again. Then, realizing the thing didn't move, I called Hubby in for a second opinion. Yup, our girl had a visible cavity.


Seriously??? I barely give this kid candy, juice is given on special occasions, and I feel like I try to feed my family well! Where the heck did I go wrong to make my soon-to-be five year old have a cavity already?!

Well, come to find out that some kids just have softer teeth and are prone to cavities. I guess Danae gets that from me...I'm pretty sure I was born with cavities, I have so many.

Moving on...

The news of owning her first cavity sent Danae into hysterics. Literal sobbing and screaming at 9:00pm. She knew enough about a dental visit from a Dora the Explorer book that we own, and she knew needles were involved in cavity-fixing. She begged me to find a dentist that didn't use needles. (Oh, honey...if they existed, I'd be the first one in their chair!)

This morning came, and Danae announced that she was no longer worried about the visit...she said she thought about it and decided to be my brave girl. Sometimes I think this kid is so mature for her age that it scares me.

Turns out that she didn't even need to be brave. The hygienist, doctor, and everyone in the office was incredible. The hygienist explained every . little . step to Danae before she did it. (Really, I think the explaining took longer than the exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment.) But that was exactly what Danae needed. She likes to understand what's going to happen, and it put her at ease.

I think the cool purple glasses that they give to kids helped some, too.

Overall, she did really well! Now, if I could just get over the fact that my little first-born laying in the dentist's chair is growing up, maybe we can all get through this in one piece. ;o)


Anonymous said...

madelyn goes at the end of this year and i am terrified. she has so many oral sensory issues in her mouth, due to her premature birth, that i am just so worried she will flip out.
any suggestions or tips. where did you go?

love the purple glasses. proud of danae. big girl she is.

Ruth said...

now that is really awesome. sounds like a good dentist. i need to make kaeli's appointment, too (thanks for reminding me - LOL).

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

I go to a high fear dentist and get sleepy meds...they don't use needles at all!! i love it! cost a bit more but totally worth it for all the time i spend in dentist chair. i think i was born with cavities too! :)