Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Some of you have been asking about my updated photos on the right side. I'm so glad you noticed them!

A few months ago, we asked one of our wonderfully terrific neighbors (who does photography on the side) to take some family pictures for us. Given that we gave him two active kiddos and two tired and crazy parents to work with, Jonathan did some amazing work!

Even though Caedon's mood was one for the record books that afternoon and he refused to look at the camera with a smile, Jonathan managed to capture Caedon's true personality. He also took some adorable shots of Danae, and we were really pleased with the family pictures.

The photo shoot took place at a park down the road from our house, as well as in our backyard. Jonathan has often used our backyard for taking pics for other people. Apparently our old, about-to-fall-over barn makes a great backdrop. Who would have thought!

If you are interested in checking out Jonathan's work, here is his website. Several of our photos are in the "Individuals" and the "Relationships" sections.



rosa said...

i love the pics...kiddos are so adorable. your little guy makes me giggle.
love your falling down barn too. you could tear it down and sell the boards, i bet...
merry christmas

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful.
i can't help but think of josiah when i look at them and his place in your family. (i am sure you've thought of it too. i know i still do almost everytime we take a family photo. i think of Logan!)

they are beautiful girl. what a lovely family.
happy holidays.

Aimee said...

The pictures are just gorgeous Beth! I was wondering who took them. He did a great job!

Hope you are surviing with a house full of puppies! :)

Cousin Ruth said...

your pics came out great! they capture the reality of it all - you can never slow down kids. lol...