Monday, December 13, 2010

Potty training? I don't think so.

Life has been...busy!

Wrapping up a dining room project, getting ready for puppies, Christmas shopping, a little bit of sickness, attempts at potty-training...I'm sure most of you know the feeling!

To spare you a post that's longer than my arm, I'll just tell you more about the latter: potty-training.

Here's the gist: It ain't going too well in our parts.

Our daughter was trained and on her way by a little over 2 years old. She showed great interest in using the potty right before she turned 2, and then it just went from there.

Wasn't she just the cutest??? :o)

Our son?

HAHAHA! Still cute, but oh so not potty-trained.

The only experience I have with a boy being potty-trained is the memories of my brother. Mom has a picture of him crying on the toilet, holding his little head in his hands, not wanting to use the stinking age 3+ years. I have always been told that boys typically take longer, so I don't know why I expected him to follow in his sister's footsteps.

We have tried bribery. We have tried new Toy Story undies. We have tried toys. He shows some interest, but it comes and goes.

He's just not ready yet, and here are a few signs to prove it:

1) He will pee on the potty, get down, go play, and poop and pee in his diaper 5 minutes later.
2) All three of his Toy Story undies ended up in the washer...within a matter of 3 hours.
3) He peed in his undies this morning, then asked to go on the potty, and then asked to wear a diaper instead.
4) He could care less about being a "big boy" and wearing his undies. They are just cool to look at.
5) Seeing his big sister in underwear and not needing a diaper change has no appeal to him whatsoever.
6) Explaining to him that diapers cost a lot more than being potty-trained doesn't work, either. Not sure why...

Yes, we'll get there eventually, and we're not worried or stressed about it in the least. When he's 5 and needing a diaper change in kindergarten, then we'll start to worry.


Beth said...

Jana is just starting to be interested in the potty, but other than peeing once on accident, she hasn't done anything. We sit her on it frequently, but no true success yet. We got your pics in the mail and just LOVE them. I love the new ones on your blog too. Whoever took them did a great job. Love you!

Kara Stoltzfus said...

you tease, but madelyn is nearing 5 and she still won't poop in the potty, pee isn't an issue at all.
at a loss. this has been the death of me!!!!

Anonymous said...

They'll all likely get married one day, and when they do...I'm fairly certain they won't be wearing a diaper on their way down the aisle. :-) That's what I tell myself anyway.