Friday, March 4, 2011

And we're off!

See that plane? Nope, we're not on it. ;o)

We are about to embark on a week-long vacation with Hubby's family to FL. But first, we have to d.r.i.v.e. there.

Oh, boy.

I'm not worried about myself or Hubby, and not even my 5-year-old daughter (although she has been graced with the car sickness gene from me, poor kid). It's my 2.5-year-old lovable, huggable, not-so-great-in-the-car little boy. He's a REAL doozy when traveling, I tell ya! The boy loathes being buckled in and having his freedom taken away. He's a mover, shaker, and wrestler at heart...three things that aren't cool to do in a moving vehicle.

So, how will we survive the 18-hour drive? Besides your thoughts and prayers (*hint, hint*), we'll be relying on a portable DVD player, a few Thomas the Tank Engine DVD's (thanks Grandma!!), his Pillow Pet (thanks Nana!!), several Matchbox cars, some more trucks and cars, some other movies, lots of books, and TONS of snacks. My girly girl will have her own stash of books, toys, her VTech V.Reader, and some snacks as well.

Our toiletry bag will be used as a back-up...more specifically, the Benedryl and cold meds that it holds. You just gotta be prepared! I kid, people! But seriously, though, Caedon gets a nightly dose of Benedryl, so that will just come in quite handy, I believe! ;o)

Speaking of my little man...I neglected to mention the horrible rash he has been dealing with over the past two months. No rhyme or reason to it...just bumps and severe itching. The boy has been scratching so much that his back and belly and covered in marks and scabs. I'm talking like skin ripped open stuff...really yucky. :o( After several doctor's visits (and working hard to convince my doctor that I didn't use anything else but Charlie's Soap in my laundry, as usual), Caedon was finally tested this week for food allergies. Well, duh! I seriously felt like kicking myself on Monday when the thought entered my head. Why in the world didn't we think of this sooner? Anywho, the doctor entertained my thoughts, sent him for blood work, and called us yesterday to say that my egg-loving, I-can-eat-three-in-one-sitting son is indeed allergic to eggs.

He has been egg-free since last weekend, and we already see a difference in the itching and in his, uh, excrement, shall we call it. (That was another issue we've been dealing with pretty much since birth. No lie. Blegh.) We are ever so thankful that things are clearing up and and my boy is healing!

So, have a wonderful weekend...and we're off in search of weather that's sunnier and warmer than here in the Northeast!


Anonymous said...

have fun girl.

i am so jealous, we don't leave for another 3 weeks, but i keep hearing of more people headed down south. to bad we aren't there at the same time.

seriously, have fun.
happy travels!! : )

Cariluz and Ike said...

Hope you guys have an awesome time on your vacation, and that the trip isn't too stressful! And so glad to hear that Caedon is doing better : )

Ruth Ann said...

oh my word! eggs? I love eggs. poor little man... but at least you know what it is. Can he have egg substitute or egg whites?