Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthdays, sickness, pinging, and other thoughts

Does anyone realize that we have only one week left in March? Seriously, how did the first quarter (sorry, I see the year in bookkeeping terms) slip by so quickly?

I'm also not sure how I got to be 32 years of age this month...St. Patty's Day, to be exact. The good thing is that a week or so prior to my birthday, I was convinced that I was 32, turning 33. So, I pretty much gained a year in my head! Yay for my forgetful mind! ;o)

Yes, a St. Patrick's Day birthday. Not quite like having a Christmas birthday or another holiday birthday, but one where you must endure green cards, clothes, hair ties/bows, balloons, and cakes for pretty much the rest of your life, as well as being referenced to as a Leprechaun (or, in my case, a Puerto Rican Leprechaun). ;o) But to be honest with you, I actually LIKE it! One of my favorite birthday cakes as a child was the Cookie Puss cake from Carvel, complete with a bulbous mint ice cream nose. He is in many a childhood birthday photo, as shown here:

4th birthday - pre-frizzy, curly hair

This year was the second year in our marriage that Hubby surprised me with good ol' Cookie Puss! What a dear, he is! (Hubby, not Cookie Puss.)

Besides celebrating my and several other family members' birthdays this month, we have also had our fair share of sickness. The little man recovered from a double ear infection a few weeks ago, then fought off a stomach virus last weekend, and this morning I awoke early to the sound of screaming and gagging from my little princess. I must say, though, that Danae's aim for the toilet has remarkably improved, whereas Caedon...well, puking on the couch last weekend while sitting right next to me and the puke bucket pretty much ruined his odds. So, kiddos seem to have the stomach virus that was running rampant about a month or so ago. They were just a little late in catching it. FYI: Did you know that the flu does not present itself with vomiting? If your kid is puking, it's more than likely a virus, NOT the flu. Good to know!

In other non-puky news: In the midst of vacation, birthdays, and vomit, I began a new job this month in the finance/accounting department at a digital signage company. Part-time for now, possibly full-time once the kids are both in school...and it's actually going well so far! I haven't even been there a month, and I feel like I've learned and done half a year's worth of work...which explains why my brain is fried some days and I thought I was turning 33. ;o) Oh, and I also learned, after a week of trying to figure it out, what it means to "ping" someone. I knew what pinging meant in computer terms, but when your boss says he will "ping you", well...I wasn't quite sure if I should run away fast or just see what happened. In the end, it meant he was going to send me an instant message when he was ready to start our meeting. Good to know. :o) Please tell me I'm not the only person on this planet who didn't know what "I'll ping you" meant!

And now I must go and pack for a weekend away at our church's women's retreat! I don't think I have EVER been away from the kiddos AND Hubby for a whole weekend, so this should be interesting. Pray that Hubby and I don't get sick this weekend, and that he survives being on his own with the kiddos! :o)


Beccalynn said...

Ha ha, my birthday is on Valentine's Day, so I completely understand. Mine's all pink and hearts and "That must be why you're so sweet" and "Happy Birthday Valentine!" cards...and I like it too. It makes the day sort of special :-D

Cariluz and Ike said...

Oh, girl, you crack me up. You somehow manage to make kids puking and brain frying work funny : ) Have a wonderful time on your retreat, and I look forward to hearing about your trip and how Hubby survived! Besos!

rosa said...

i can assure you i never even heard of pinging...haaha.
looking forward to this weekend too. glad you are going.