Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I've finally been to Boston (in the Spring)

While Memorial Day weekend may have started out with a bloody head and a trip to the ER (see previous post), it turned out to be an enjoyable and memorable one.

The kiddos had a fantastic time with Nana and Papa (and got to see aunts and uncles), while Hubby and I took our first trip by ourselves in a severely long time. As in, we have never left both kids and went away (so that would be at least 3 years).

We were Boston-bound by 6am that Saturday morning:

Yes, on a motorcycle. And yes, that pack on the back is all that we took with us. It was a bit difficult for the planner/preparer in me to not take everything I could possibly need, but Hubby kept reminding me that there ARE stores in Boston in case we need to get medicine or Band-Aids. :)

Ahh, Boston...this was my first trip there (Hubby's second), and it was wonderful! For several weeks we were planning and talking about what to see, where to go, what to do...and we did it ALL. I mean, from Hopkinton to the North End to Downtown to Cambridge to Chinatown, we walked everywhere (including parts of the marathon course), rode the subway, ate the food, took in Harvard,

held a pastry box as if we were in an episode of Seinfeld,

(Cobblestone streets of the North End...don't you just love it?!)

loved the history,

and just took in the culture and beauty of the city. We laughed like kids again and enjoyed being together and talking...and actually got to finish conversations! This was surely a trip we'll never forget, and one that we will definitely do again.

But maybe in the car next time. I'm not so sure my back and bottom can handle another 5+ hour ride on a motorcycle. ;o)


Aimee said...

Looks like a fun trip! I'm glad you took some time away for just the two of you! It's so important to connect without the kiddos!

Beth Tannatt said...

I was going to be very upset that you were an hour from me and didnt let me know. Since it was a weekend away for the two of you, I suppose it can be forgiven. ;) if you are there again, please let me know (and its not a solo weekend away). Miss you!

Cariluz and Ike said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Glad you finally got to take a "solo" trip, those are always a great refresher!

Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to go to Boston! Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to be able to squeeze it into our trip this year.

Did you stay overnight (or longer)?