Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 3rd to my boy!

Today we are celebrating the 3rd birthday of my little man, Caedon!

My creative, fun-loving, imaginative, "My-Daddy's-my-hero" little boy! He's my snuggler, yet he can turn into a rough-and-tumble, typical teasing little brother at the drop of a hat. So much like his Daddy in so many ways...

He's the ruler-breaker...probably the one who will see how far he can get away with things and how creative he can be at making things go his way. He's the charmer who can flash his dimpled grin and melt me almost instantaneously. And he still doesn't sit still for pictures long enough for me to get him smiling at the camera. :) But I'll take his boyish charm any day over a perfectly set picture!

So Happy 3rd Birthday, big boy! You are loved OH so much by so many!

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Ruth and Kaeli said...

Happy Birthday slugger. Your cousin Kaeli has a present for you. Since she is vacationing in Florida, I am sending it to you. Have fun buudy!