Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seasons of Life: Puppies

We are still here, living and breathing in our corner of the world!

Life has been quite


these days. I realize I say that often, and times when I miss 2-3 weeks of blogging, that's my go-to excuse. But, seriously...with school starting and teacher meetings and class projects and crazy amounts of rain and flooding and work schedules changing and school board meetings and youth group and church small group starting up again and Fair season here in Lancaster County (you CAN'T forget about Fair season!), blogging sometimes does need to take a backseat while I figure out how to navigate what can look like a grand mess. I know it's a season of life, and things will slow down and be normal again soon enough. So, pardon me for the short breaks! ;o)

On top of all the floods and newness these days, our Lucy-girl contributed her own litter of excitement last Thursday...in the form of nine puppies!

Yes, nine...9! We have 5 males and 4 females.

Crazy, yes...but you can't deny the cuteness or the urge to snatch one up and go snuggle for a while. (By the way they do make excellent snuggling buddies in these first few weeks.)

My kiddos love the opportunity to hold the puppies...and Lucy doesn't seem to mind for the most part. (I think she realizes they are in her business 24/7 anyway!)

This job is rather easy for us...until it's time to transition them to puppy food. Then we'll have our hands full for about 2-3 weeks. But, again...it's for a season, and they will be gone before we know it (the week before Thanksgiving, to be exact). ;o)

I hope you are enjoy your season, no matter where you might be!

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