Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Boys and Bible Stories

I could sit all morning and watch these two chat about a children's Bible book over a cup of coffee (for Caedon, it's a cup of soy milk). ;o)

There's something about the way my boy's face lights up, mainly when the story involves soldiers, fights, or animals of any kind. He's in the "fascinated by bad guys" stage, so stories like David & Goliath are right up his alley.

 His Daddy is the same way...great at story-telling, total boy to the heart. Two peas in a pod, I tell ya. If you know them in person, you understand!


lifeof4boys said...

these are cool pictures something your son will remember when he gets older! Reminds me of Steve reading to the boys.So much better then mommy's stories.Never thought of taking a picture.Thanks for the idea!!

Anonymous said...

that is so precious.
i have to say, it made me think of josiah and the desire you must have to have him near! (especially in moments like these)
i am blessed that you have such an amazing husband and wonderful healthy children on earth.

be blessed friend.