Monday, January 7, 2008

Friend or Foe

I've been sick. Sick, sick, sick. Yes, a slight head cold sick, (which is mostly gone), but it's more than that. I am in the throes of morning sickness (ahem, all-day sickness), and my most fervent prayer is that it would let up soon.

With my Little Miss, this sickness lasted a few short weeks, and it was really yucky. For about a week of it, I could stand only ginger ale and saltines, but it was all over by 8 or 9 weeks. With Number 2, I started out thinking I was pretty lucky. Even when the morning sickness started, I figured out what foods made me feel better and what I had to avoid, and I could still eat. But now...well, it doesn't seem to matter! Week 12 is here, nausea and I have become close buddies, and he doesn't seem to get the hint that I don't want to be his friend anymore.
So, to ease my mind and include you in my slight, soon-to-be short-lived misery, I thought I'd share with you my "Friend or Foe" list.

FRIEND: Kraft Macaroni 'n Cheese
Yes, I know it's super bad for you and I'll probably have a heart attack by the end of 2008, but I was this way with Danae, too. I could eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond. Oh, and it has to be the regular, original kind...none of that spirals, Sponge Bob, white cheddar, etc.

FOE: most types of meat

Once again, this happened at the beginning of pregnancy #1, and then subsided later. In fact, by the middle of my first pregnancy, all I wanted for dinner was steak, hamburgers, and more steak! Hopefully my current aversion to this necessary protein will do the same thing this time around.

FRIEND: Fig NewtonsI only realized this yesterday, when I had a huge craving for one of these cookies, purchased a small box from CVS, and now have only 2 left. Make that zero, since I just polished off the last two. (Yes, in case you are wondering...I ate them all by less than 24 hours.) I'm sure I will be totally sickened by them tomorrow and will never eat them again this year. Hey, at least I'm getting some sort of fiber, even if it's from processed figs.

FOE: Chocolate
Hello??? I'm a girl, and I can't stand chocolate right now? Ugh. Sometimes I just want to take a bite into a piece, and when I do, I instantly feel sick. Oh, well. It'll be waiting for me.

FRIEND: Cereal (most non-sugary kinds)Oh, thank you Lord that I can still eat cereal! Even before pregnancy, cereal was my #1 favorite thing to eat as a snack, especially when watching television with my hubby in the evening. The sugary ones make me feel a bit sick, but most kinds that don't have strong flavors are a go! Yippee!

FOE: Minty stuff I thought these little Andes Candies would help ease know, since they are minty and all. Most people say that mint helps, right? Nope. After eating a bite of one, I tasted that thing for several hours afterward. It was one of the worst evenings of sickness I have had yet!

And to end on a good note...

FRIEND: Water Oh, how sipping this throughout the day makes me feel better! And I came to this realization only yesterday! I drink lots of water when it's warm outside, but in the winter, it seems like my water bottle gets pushed to the back of the Tupperware cabinet. (Why is that?) Anyway, I know you are supposed to be drinking lots of lots of water when you are pregnant, so maybe this whole nausea thing was due to lack of fluids. (I can tell I'm a bit dehydrated.) I'm really hoping that this last favorite on my list really sends the all-day sickness running.
So, that's it for now. I'm sure all of the good foods on my list will go to the bad list at some point and vice-versa, but at least I'm making it through the day without losing my internals. :) Should you have any suggestions or advice, feel free to pass it along! Oh, and have a happy day! :)


prettyinpink said...

Oh my poor cousin Beth! I am so sorry you are not doing well right now with the morning ickies. I pray it calms down soon enough for you. And hey, I like mac-n-cheese, too.

Anonymous said...

oh i agree about the mac n cheese...i lived on pasta with my first pregnancy. loved it.
i hope you start feeling better and i hope you can join us on thursday night, at macaroni grill, sounds like you'd like their food! : )

Stephanie said...

I totally relate. I had "all-day sickness" for the first four months of my pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon!

The lady of the house... said...

oooh, yuk!! hopefully this email will help you feel your heart if nowhere else! I would like to have you, Kara and Aimee over so we could actually "meet" in person! I was thinking sometime in Feb. and I'm just wondering if you have days that work better for you? CHILDREN WELCOME!!!!!!! my comment moderation word is really close to the spelling of "nausea", that makes me laugh!!