Monday, January 14, 2008

Week of the Potty (Part 2), Great Diaper Bag, and Other Musings

Thanks SO much to those of you who gave prayers and advice for my all-day sickness. It started to subside this past week, and I was actually able to eat dinner! And thanks to my friend Julie on the advice about minty things and the esophagus...I reached for something minty again yesterday, and your words rung in my head! It's soooo nice having a friend who's a P.A. :o)

OH! Here's some advice to those of you who might be shopping around for a diaper bag or know someone who needs one. When we registered at Babies 'R Us for our Peanut, we selected a California Innovations (also known as Baby Innovations) sling back diaper bag.
Great diaper bag, neutral color (obviously!), and manly enough that my husband would tote in around on his back. It worked great, until about 4-5 months ago when the main compartment zipper on the side broke. I fixed it, (don't ask how...I'm not a girl who sews, and I somehow fixed a zipper by sewing. Ha!), but the zipper broke again. So, I decided to contact the company and, lo and behold, they have a limited lifetime warranty. After e-mailing them pictures of the non-functional bag, they e-mailed back and said they would replace it and to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Wouldn't you know, the new diaper bag was on our doorstep only 1 week later! Now that's what I call customer service! They've received my vote for Diaper Bag Company of the Year. :o)

Lastly, as if you couldn't tell from the beginning of the title, this week is now Week of the Potty Part 2. If you recall, we had the first Week of the Potty back in November, which went over well for a few days, and then we were back to diapers. Danae's interest in wearing big girl underwear and receiving Smarties when she used the potty fizzled. However, she was showing more interest in the past week, even insisting that she wear her underwear and not a diaper...which made me quite nervous when this insistence happened right before we walked out the door to go to a restaurant this weekend. We decided to be brave, take a change of clothes, and see what happened. Not only did my Little Miss stay dry in the car, she also used the toilet at the restaurant...TWICE! (Yes, Mom, I wiped the seat and lined it with toilet paper before sitting her down.) :o)

So, now we are back to underwear when she's awake, diaper at nap and bedtime. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a good one! I just have to get over using public toilets (ugh), possible urine on my floor, and my daughter's independence and constant insistence on doing it all by herself. I'll keep you posted! :o)

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Stephanie said...

Oh, how I remember "all-day sickness"! You might want to try ginger snaps or Preggie Pops from Three Lollies...