Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Second Helping of Danae-isms

We are having a great week so far! Thank God! Only two accidents total, and yes, we actually do go out without a diaper on and not stay at home all day. :o) I'm praying it continues from here!

I thought I'd do another installment of recent Danae-isms for you. (Little Brother James, I know you especially like these, since you don't get to see the Little Peanut much.) So, here you go:

1) (Driving in the car, I hear sudden screaming and crying from the back seat.)
me: Danae, what's wrong???
Danae: My belly! Hurts! HUUUURTS!!
me: We are almost at the store, and then I can get you out of your car seat.
(Danae continues to scream.)
me: Should Mommy pray to Jesus to make you feel better?
Danae: YES!
(I say a short prayer. The screaming stops. A few moments later...)
Danae: Mommy! I'm all better! Jesus saved me!!!)

2) (Danae and I were running from the front door to the kitchen and back again, pretending to race each time.)
Danae: Mommy, go again!
me: Danae, Mommy needs a little break. I'm pooped!
Danae: Mommy, then you need to go to the potty.

3) (After we told Danae about the baby in my belly.)
Danae: Can I see it?
Daddy: has to grow really big and then come out of Mommy's belly.
Danae (cupping her hands around her mouth, and then leaning toward the belly): COME OUT, BABY!

I'm sure there will be more to come from our quirky girl! :o)


Amy Strong said...

Hello Bess,
What sweet stories! I treasure the moments when my children begin to understand Biblical truths and express their love for Jesus!

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Blessing on your day!

Aimee said...

Oh, what a funny little girl you have! :) She makes me laugh! Hope you are enjoying this snowy day!

prettyinpink said...

This is so funny. I can picture Danae doing those things. Danae and Kaeli seem like two peas in a pod.