Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Good and The Bad

When it comes to good news and bad news, I never know which to put first. If there is a definitive answer out there, someone please let me know.

At any rate, I'll start with this: I'm 6 months along and - AGH! - am now in the last trimester. We feel like we just found out last week that number two is coming, and now we have less than 3 months left. Too crazy. Here's a 6-month picture. (We just got out of the bath/shower, and Peanut likes to be in the pictures, too.)

News #2: Prayers would be greatly appreciated for my dad. He had a mild heart attack this week, and the doctors found a few blockages (one significant enough for a stent, the others treatable with meds). So, as he goes home today and recovers, let's pray that he'll heal nicely and make some life-changing decisions regarding his health. :o)

Have a happy Thursday!


prettyinpink said...

Hi Beth. Your Dad is in our prayers. We love Uncle James!!!

As for you and baby, keep up the good work, I think you look great. Can't wait for Will and I to try again next year.

Cariluz & Ike said...

Oh, girl, you look fabulous. I wish I had been so petite when I was pregnant with these guys! I am really sorry to hear about your Dad, that has got to be scary. We will be praying for him here!

Sara said...

I'm glad to see in the other post that your dad is doing well. Also, congrats on #2, very exciting. Thanks for "visiting" us over at our blog. I need to take a photo of Allison's passport photo too b/c it's so cute, she was 8 mo or so, maybe younger I can't remember now.

Stephanie said...

You look great! So happy for you!

I hope your dad recovers quickly