Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Surprise Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated five birthdays (my dad, my mom, my aunt (who is my mom's twin), my uncle (my aunt's husband), and my niece Maddie. They all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other, and three of the adults are turning 60. So, my siblings, cousin, and I decided to throw them a surprise party on Saturday. It went off without any major issues (not counting the dog fight) :o), and we had a great time catching up with family members that we haven't seen in a while. The food turned out great, and the weather was beautiful! What more could you ask for?

Thanks so much to all who were involved, helped with set-up/clean-up, helped with distracting the birthday people, and more! It was definitely a great group effort and a lot of fun!


Cariluz & Ike said...

Awesome pics...looks like everyone had a blast! Wish I could have been there, but I figured it would take too long to swim the ocean, LOL. Great to see the family looking happy and healthy!

prettyinpink said...

Hey Beth. It was a great party. Thanks for taking the lead in it. My parents had a great time, too.