Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Update

Seven months down, two to go!
I really am floored by how quickly this pregnancy is going by. God always knows what we need, and I'm certain he's helping this pregnancy along at a quicker rate. :o) Now if He can only make this summer a little cooler and less humid, my feet a little less Flintstone-looking, the allergy attacks non-existent, and my mood swings a bit less swingy-er, we'd be set! HA! No, but seriously, I really can't complain. I've had minor aches and no major problems with this one, and I know of women who have gone (or are going through!) much worse things in their pregnancies than I, the complaining shall cease.

Our Peanut seems to continue to love her baby brother, even though he's still in-utero. (We'll see what happens when the little screamer keeps her up at night, right?) She daily says hi to him, kisses him (well, my belly), and includes him in talks, prayers, and just about everything. It's too cute for words and definitely brightens my mood each day. Her choice of a name (Trash Gordon...yes, the man from Sesame Street) is still not on our list, though she says she is going to call him that. We've run many names by her and had her say them out loud, but Trash Gordon seems to reign in her 2-year-old mind. :o)

Speaking of our little trooper: A few days ago, we went for a short, slow walk around the block. While walking, Danae fell on the sidewalk and scraped both knees. Her Daddy scooping her up and carrying her the rest of the way and only about 30 seconds of crying seemed to make the pain go away. When I noticed the blood trickling down both knees, I told Danae that I'd take care of them when we got which she responded in the sweetest voice, "It's okay, Mama...I'm gonna be okay." How I didn't burst into tears on the spot I'll never know.


Aimee said...

Aw, Danae is too cute! Hope the next 2 months go by just as quickly! :)

Amanda said...

Wow, look at that belly! I can't believe I haven't seen you once since you've been pregnant. Goodness, when is the last time we saw each other?! It's been too long. I love the new pictures!