Friday, June 13, 2008

Danae-isms, Round 3

Here's a third helping of some of the things Danae has said to us in the past few weeks/months...we continue to laugh our pants off. :o)

1) Daddy takes Peanut to the potty. This bathroom happens to have a urinal...Peanut's first encounter with one.
Danae: Hey Daddy, what's that on the wall?
Daddy: Oh, umm...that's a potty for Daddy's to use.
Danae: Oh...You fit in there?!

2) I'm trying on clothes in an attempt to find some type of summer clothing that actually covers the watermelon I'm carrying.
Danae: Are you trying on clothes, Mama?
Me: Yup...Mommy can't find anything that fits, though.
Danae: (after I put on a nice skirt and shirt that DO fit): Oooh, Mommy...that fits! That looks good!
She then proceeds to another room where Daddy is, and, standing at the doorway: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mommy!

3) The three of us are outside, playing in Peanut's little plastic pool. After lots of splashing and games, Daddy dumps the water out...on top of me.
Danae: No, Daddy-O! Leave my best friend Mommy alone!

Enjoy the weekend, and we'll be back...with pictures from the NEW new camera that arrived yesterday. :o)


prettyinpink said...

Oh my! That is so precious. I love it. I can almost picture them. haha.

I can't wait to get a new camera, too. I feel like I am missing out capturing moments in time.

The lady of the house... said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! i love this season of life, with our kids saying the cutest/craziest stuff. are you doing well?? just STAY. INSIDE. PLEASE.

I'd like to host another "bloggers brunch" this fall once you're adjusted to getting out with TWO. don't worry, you'll get the hang of it soon enough. i remember stressing out about grocery shopping...."where the HECK am i going to put the groceries???" but you make it work, just like the rest of life.

it's a grand adventure and thankfully we aren't alone...we have Someone that is really, really good at lending His Hand!!!