Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 Months & Catching Up

I'm 8 months along today...still can't believe that only 4 weeks (if that!) remain of this pregnancy! Here's a picture to prove my hugeness:

Want to see something scary? Here's a picture of me when I was 8 months pregnant with my Peanut, almost three years ago:

Hubby and I notice a, well, large difference. Can't you?! Well, my midwife confirmed my feelings of being large at last week's appointment. I was 35 weeks and was measuring 40 weeks! So, she sent me for an ultrasound to see if the size difference was due to lots of fluid or lots of baby. The result: amniotic fluid level = normal; baby size = possibly big boy. I'm still trying not to panic and praying that God makes this kid come a bit early so he's not absolutely ginormous! :o)

On a different note: We took Peanut fishing for the first time last week. She was really into it for the first 10 minutes or so...then she found other things to keep herself busy, such as rocks, sticks, and emptying out her Daddy's bait jacket (which he greatly appreciated!). The highlight was catching her first fish with Daddy...too cute for words. :o)


prettyinpink said...

wow, your baby boy wants to come out now! haha. anyway, you look great!

That is so awesome for Danae about catching a fish. I know Will can't wait to take Kaeli.

Cariluz & Ike said...

I bet you are just bouncing around and waiting for that big boy to come on out! Let us know when you start nesting, LOL. And Danae is just too precious, fishing with her Daddy!