Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Deer and the Princess

We're back from our fun weekend away, where the husbands hunted deer and the wives stayed in their pj's for 2 days straight...oh how glorious that was!

The outcome: We drove home with a deer (doe, to be exact) on the roof of our Jeep. Yeah, the looks we got were kind of funny. The deer is now at the butcher, and we'll have meat in 3-5 weeks! Hubby's first deer! He was excited, needless to say. Shockingly, Peanut was also excited and very interested in seeing the dead deer. Hey, she could have been screaming crying about it. :o)

Speaking of screaming crying: I think I'll refrain from posting the video of her haircut. After previewing it, it's more crying than words, and you'd think it was funny if you were actually here in person at the moment. So, no haircut video. In it's place, here's a video we took a day or two ago. I heard singing over the baby's monitor, put down the dinner I was in the middle of making, and found this. Keep in mind that Peanut and I had just finished watching "Sleeping Beauty", so apparently one of the songs was still in her head. :o) Enjoy!


AMANDA said...

How on earth did you keep from laughing?!?! That is so precious. Thanks for sharing! :)

Cariluz and Ike said...

Oh, man, that is TOO precious! You always manage to catch the greatest things on tape, I wish I were that quick! Hope to get to see you guys while I am here, too!

prettyinpink said...

That is so cool, what a good big sister, and she didn't crush him in the crib!

nana Markey said...

What memories!! I loved it.