Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a week, plus some Danae-isms

It's amazing what can happen in just a few short days...

Last Sunday our laptop started giving us some problems...shutting down randomly, not starting up, etc. I took it in and had the problem resolved. Then, on Thursday afternoon, it decided to just not start at all. No lights, nothing. Now, mind you, this laptop was the only computer we used. No operating desktop here. Also, this laptop held the key to LOTS of things: accounting information for three businesses, plus all of my grant work, plus all of our pictures, personal information, etc. I was in a panic thinking I had lost all of my grant work and all tax information for the three businesses we are involved in. What a NIGHTMARE!

Thankfully, the computer experts believe the laptop can be fixed (in a week or so), but in the meantime we decided to purchase a desktop to keep things safe and so that I can meet my deadlines this week. We realized that it's not so smart to be traveling around with all of that information on a laptop that can easily be stolen or completely messed up. (Go ahead, say it: DUH.) Then, the Internet decided to stop working for the past day, so my wonderful idea of getting work done this weekend was shot down. Thankfully, the folks at Comcast sent a tech out on Sunday, and after replacing a few wires and a splitter, we have the fastest Internet I've ever experienced. (Thanks, Comcast...I'll curb the bad-mouthing for now.)

Now that the nightmare is somewhat over (once the laptop is fixed, my heart rate will return to normal), let me provide you with the next edition of Danae-isms. This week has been chock-full of them, and she has kept us rolling despite the elevated stress levels. Here are just a couple, and I'll be sure to post more when they return to my memory:

1) I see Danae picking her nose in the tv room.
Me: Hey Danae, what are you doing?
Danae: Digging for gold.

2) Danae's version of the saying "Mock my smock and I'll clean your clock": "Smock my clock and you'll clean my clock."

3) Danae is sitting in our bed, getting ready to take a nap. I walk in on her nursing a stuffed Eyeore.
Danae: Hey, Mommy...can you cover me and my baby with that blanket so that no one sees me or my baby?

4) We were in our church's Christmas play yesterday (a simple, 5-minute, no-line role), and here's what happened while we sat on stage on Saturday during rehearsal. The stage lights come on, and Danae and I are supposed to be playing together. I see that she's picking her nose instead.
Me: (whispering): Danae, get your finger out of your nose. Danae, do you hear me? Psst...stop picking your nose!
Danae: (yells back at me, and I'm sitting right next to her): Mommy, I LIKE picking my nose!

(Thank God she did not do this during the actual play.) :o)

On a final note, my Hubby now has a new baby: a 1999 Suzuki Marauder.

I was always against him getting a motorcycle, mostly for safety reasons. I guess I just realized that there are many worse things out there that can kill him, and as long as he's wearing his helmet, he'll be fine. (Okay, okay...I caved, really.) You should have seen his face when the shipping truck arrived. I was on my way home from a run and there he was, standing on our front porch, looking like Santa had just arrived. Pure childlike glee. Oh, and in no way does he feel that this baby takes the joy or place of his other two babies...just making that clear. :o)


Aimee said...

Merle said Curt was a happy guy yesterday! I was wondering how he finally convinced you to let him get a cycle! Oh, and there's no point in worrying about his safety - just make SURE he wears a helmet at all times and that's pretty much all you can do! :)

prettyinpink said...

wow, a motorcycle. OMG! it is exciting, and maybe you will get on it for a ride, too?

Cariluz and Ike said...

Awesome! I feel you on the motorcycle thing, but I have to admit, they are awfully fun to ride! Hop on there with your hubby and have a nice (SLOW!) romantic ride. Congrats to Curt! (Oh, I have a little one who likes to occasionally dig for gold in public, too, LOL)