Monday, March 30, 2009

School Days

I think I already told many of you that, starting this Wednesday, I will be back with my former employer. That means the kiddos will be in a preschool/daycare just for two mornings per week.
So, today is the first day of "school" for Danae and Caedon, a trial day of sorts. And while I envisioned clingy children and me needing to hang out for an hour and see how it goes, the kids apparently saw it differently. Caedon was extremely irritable right before leaving the house, so I thought that there was no way this could go well. Ha, yeah right. "Guy Smiley" made no complaints when we went into his classroom, even when I put him down to play. He just smiled at his teachers, flirting away, taking it all in.

My first clue as to how good this would go should have been when Danae told me, "You don't need to stay with can go, Mom.", even before we left the house. My plan was to hang with her for a little bit in her room; however, when we got there and she sat to eat a bowl of cereal, she promptly gave me a kiss and said, "Bye! You don't need to stay." Wow. Even though I was happy that it went well and walked out of there feeling like I should push the Staples "That Was Easy" button, it was a clear indication that my little girl is growing up. She's independent...can handle most things on her own...and doesn't need me to hold her hand as much anymore. Ugh. In many ways this is other ways I just want to scoop her up and make her a baby again! How quickly they grow and leave the nest!


Cariluz and Ike said...

Girl, that made me both laugh and tear up a bit. There's something about them growing bigger and doing new things that makes a mom happy, but also tugs at the heartstrings. Kudos to you and them for making it through the day so well! And I am totally with you on the "That was easy" button...too funny!

Anonymous said...

I still can remenice when my children started kindergaten. As i left them in school, my heart ached for them.
My hat off to you my daugther.
I am happy for the positive reaction of those two angels, whom we love so much.

Rachel said...

awww. I'm glad it went so well. I think I would have cried if my baby said I could go and didn't need me. Does this mean I get to see you on Wed? woot woot!!