Thursday, May 14, 2009

An idea for Wal-Mart

Hey Wal-Mart...I have a new idea for you.

This came from personal experience, very recent in fact (today).

After fulfilling the large shopping list in hand, with both kids in tow, we managed to get back to the car in one piece.

Got one kid in the car.


Got the second kid in the car.


Time to start unloading the massive cart, but...


For a split second I thought I was completely losing it. How did I get to the car with two kids and no cart? That's when I heard the rattling noise and saw my newly purchased storage bins and cookies healthy food flying through the parking lot in their apparent Wal-Mart Corvette.

And that's when the sprinting ability kicked in and anyone who may have been around saw this woman making a mad dash for a runaway cart, which was, in fact, seconds away from hitting a car.

Yeah, just what I need. Another random bill to pay.

Anywho, all that to say...listen up, Wal-Mart. Some of us moms might appreciate brakes on your carts. It could lead to fewer parking lot accidents, less I-just-ran-the-cart-into-the-back-of-Mom's-legs incidents, and a possible decrease in our blood pressure.

Just a thought.


Cariluz and Ike said...

This had me rolling with laughter! So, SO true...I cannot count how many times I almost took out other cars, small children, and my own rugrats with those Wal-Mart carts! LOL...

Debi said...

You are not alone running throught that parking lot...been there, done that, felt like an idiot, then had to remind myself...who cares what people think!! Imagine if everything fell out!! LOL!!! At least you got your run in sis! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love to get in your blog and read the funny stories!!!
The sad ones(sick babies) make me cry. But its part of growing up and anyway Jesus will give you victory and healing. I know, you are saying-"better sooner than later"

AMANDA said...

Too funny! You know, they make something for moms for this very reason. I saw it in magazine...or was it online? Anyway, it's this piece that you stick through the cart and then it suctions to your car so that the cart doesn't move while you buckle in the kids and unload your items. I'll try to find it again if your interested. :)

Imagine if you forgot to take it off of the cart/car. That would be a funny sight from your rearview!

Aimee said...

Your posts CRACK ME UP!! That Wal-Mart story is just so typical of my life right now. Yes, I think brakes on shopping carts are an awesome idea!