Monday, May 11, 2009

Relaxation and Baby-Proofing

This past weekend was a little more low-key than usual. It was one of our last weekends in the first house we bought (*sniff sniff*), and I liked having a minimal amount of events.

Friday night brought errand-running and a meeting with the bank to sign our lives away some preliminary mortgage paperwork.

Shortly after breakfast on Saturday morning, Peanut displayed her new activity: walking her "dog".

Yes, that would be a little girl's belt wrapped around her little brother's waist. How she got him to sit still long enough to get the belt around him is beyond me. But making Baby crawl around and petting him brought her great joy and us a lot of laughter.

On Saturday, I got to do something that, I feel, has been long-coming. For my birthday, Hubby gave me a gift certificate to a spa for a massage. I have been waiting, trying to pick the perfect time to go. And since this past week was full of more child sickness, lawn mower issues, increased workload, meetings, and the such, I decided that Saturday morning was "MY" morning. Even if someone was vomiting, I was outta here! You see, I'm not one that relaxes well. Even when watching t.v. or even a movie, I constantly feel like I need to be multi-tasking...maybe making a "to-do" list, or doing a cross stitch...something to get two things done at once. So to go to a spa and just get a massage for an hour was truly glorious. (Thanks, Hon!)

While away, Hubby started on a project that I like to call "child-proofing". Yes, we already have a 3 year old and yes, the house should already be child-proof. But apparently it wasn't. You see, when we bought this house, the basement door had a small cat door installed by the previous owners. Since it didn't bother us, and since our Peanut never really touched it or played with it when she was a baby, we left it alone.

But of course, I have always been told that boys are different. So I should have known.

This little guy thinks the cat door is great. Something to swing, throw his sister's toys through and laugh...that sort of thing.

I should have known.

I should have guessed that one day, he'd try to shove his head through, then his body, then tumble down the stairs and land on the carpeted floor.

I was right there, at the bottom of the steps when he landed. After scooping him up and a few tears (on his part, Danae's, and mine), all was done...and the boy went back to the cat door, smiling at me and laughing. He knows he's going to give me a heart attack one day.

So, I promptly called Hubby and said that, even though we are moving in three weeks, that door is to be given the eviction notice.

We parted ways with the door on Saturday. And while my little man crawls over to the new door and looks for his favorite way to make me jump, I now have a peace knowing he can't get to the basement by himself anymore.

On Sunday we decided to meet up with Hubby's parents at a park/walking trail after the kids' naps. It was a beautiful afternoon, and Peanut loved feeding the ducks. No huge fear of animals from this one!

All in all, a fun yet accomplished weekend!


AMANDA said...

HOLY COW!! I'm glad Caedon is ok! Ah, the things I have to look forward to...

Cariluz and Ike said...

Ooh, the it, love it, love it! Glad you got to relax and get some "me" time. The pics of the kids are great, especially the one with Danae "walking" her brother!

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Oh my goodness that walking of her "dog" thing cracked. me. up. Hilarious!

I'm glad you found a way to relax. You're going to have to convince yourself to give up the multi-tasking more often...