Monday, July 27, 2009

House Projects

This past Saturday should have been entitled "Project Day", or "Invent-Projects-To-Do Day", or "Tackle-the-Outside-of-the-House Day". (Creative, huh?) :)

Our intentions were to 1) borrow our friend's power washer and see what it could do to the siding on the house, and 2) get the new downstairs windows put in. Hubby only had 5 windows to go on the downstairs, so after our morning of yard sales and picking up the washer, that was his afternoon project.

He also had a little helper when putting in windows last week, but she told me she was too busy to smile for the camera.

Anywho, once he taught me how to use that power washer, I was like a madwoman. I tried the siding, but it really didn't make a difference on it at all. Then, Hubby did something that changed my Saturday afternoon forever. He aimed the nozzle at our back deck...and shot.

And the gunk that came off was INSANE! I took one look at that and there was no stopping me. Here's a "before" pic:

And here's the deck after my 1.5 hour rampage:

A little stain and water sealer (hopefully this week!), and this baby will be set for a few more years (until Hubby feels the urge to tear her out and put in a new one).

After that, we fed the kids, ate lunch, put them down for naptime (a glorious 2.5 hours...wish I could nap with them!), and continued the tackling.

I finished the little parts of the deck that I missed and then went on to the stone walkways around the house. Even though I was beyond exhausted, the sight of green slimy stuff flying off my stone was an amazing feeling. I was ridding my house of gunk! Ahhhh...there's no better feeling!

The severe exhaustion and backache that followed on Sunday was SO worth it.

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Cariluz and Ike said...

Oh, yes...the wonderful feeling of ridding your home of yucky germs and goo! A power washer in the hands of a cleaning woman is the most powerful weapon ever wielded, LOL! Can't wait to see the finished product, make sure you put up some more pics!