Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo Thoughts

I just realized that I never, ever put a picture of myself in the left column of my blog, and I should have one there. (Thanks to Stephanie's advice over at Metropolitan Mama.) :)

You know why I wasn't featured over there to the left?

Because as I peruse the pics on our computer, desperately searching to find one of myself, I realize that I'm the one always taking the pictures. I'm almost NEVER in them...unless you count holding the camera in front of me, like in the pic to the left.

We took the kids to a park a week or so ago, and as I snapped photos of my little boogers, a woman passed by and said, "Make sure you get in the pictures with them. As I look at the baby pictures of my grown children and don't see myself in them, I regret it. So, make sure you get in a few!"

Hmmm. Seeing as I don't want my children's children wondering if their Grandma was actually around to raise her babies, I'm now making a point of handing my camera to someone and saying, "Hey! Can you take a picture of us?" Getting in those photos IS important...and it's so true that us moms tend to be the photographer, on top of everything else. Let's give up that role for just a minute, throw on some lipstick, and smile it up once in a while...

...or just make a silly face. :)


Cariluz and Ike said...

I loved your post...because it is so true! I don't have many pics of the kids and I either, because I am always the photographer. I think I will take the advice and start handing off the camera now : )

Kara Stoltzfus said...

i've made a point of doing exactly that. i had many friends give me that advice when madelyn was born and i am glad i've been faithful in doing so. i also make a point of capturing moments with close family and friends with our children, not just clark and i. i want to capture memories with cousins, grandparents, etc. its so important.

Josh said...

I'll be sure to get some of you guys at the beach, if you get some of Steph and I with the boys!

Stephanie said...

A. I love that you added your picture on the left sidebar! You and your daughter look so much alike.

B. That beach picture is fabulous. My 2-year-old loves to make silly faces too...and I often make them right alongside her. :)

C. Do you live near the beach?