Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Months...again, late

Here you go, folks...some belly shots for your entertainment. These were taken when I was about a week past 5 months along. But still...they count.

I've been feeling quite large in the belly lately. I don't know what it is, but they say that the belly does get bigger with each pregnancy. And this one is no exception.

Just for fun, we compared my 5-month current belly with those from my previous two pregnancies. Even though I am measuring right on track and not any bigger than the number of weeks I'm at right now, we definitely noticed a size difference.

Of course, it doesn't help when a certain little 4-year-old Princess tells me yesterday, completely out of the blue, "Mommy, you weigh a ton!" When asked what that meant, she said, "Well, that means you have a big number." Ah, yes...out of the mouths of babes.


Stephanie said...

Past the halfway mark! Yay!

So happy for you.

Beccalynn said...

Wow! It must not be your first because you're belly is so nice and round and big. I'm so jealous! I just looked fat when I was 5 months pregnant--but it was my first. I hope with the second it will be obvious that I'm pregnant and people won't just assume I'm a junk-food addict.

Cariluz and Ike said...

But you are still looking good, girl! Congrats on making it so far and not losing your marbles, lol...not much longer to go! : )